Great Day KRGN Family and Guests,


With the heightened awareness and public concerns regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as all the other ongoing seasonal flu, viruses and common cold, we want to assure you that public health and safety concerns are our highest priority in the KRGN FM studio. We are very intentional about providing a clean, sanitary environment for all announcers, hosts, and guests.


As the news continues to update the community regarding the Coronavirus, I wanted to share a few things that we will have in practice at the KRGN Studio. 


We will be enhancing our current cleaning procedures to include the following:


*daily disinfecting of all mics and equipment 

*sanitizing of all flat surfaces and various high touchpoints (doorknobs, handles,etc.) 

*hand sanitizer will be available for your use 


We recommended using the provided hand sanitizer at the entrance of the station and please do not remove the hand sanitizer from the KRGN studio.


We encourage you to wash your hands frequently, and if you or your children are ill, please stay home.


We all pray and believe that our God will sustain us during this time, and stand firmly on the Word as recorded in Psalms 91:10. We are committed to serving our volunteering staff, community partners, and guests, with a Spirit of Excellence during this time of concern. As information and awareness updates are made available, we will continue to provide communication and updates as they become available. 


Faith for the Community,


Prosperity Broadcasting

KRGN Update