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One Year Later We’re Still Reckoning with the Murder of George Floyd

One year ago, millions of people worldwide watched the murder of a then unknown African American man, George Floyd.

The video, taken by teenage eyewitness, Darnella Frazier, presented a scene of utter disbelief for millions, and yet sadly confirmed what millions of others already knew, and many, experienced.

The “anniversary” of George Floyd’s murder will be marked by gatherings, speeches and meetings, the most high-profile of which will be held at the White House, hosted by President Biden.

May 25 was also the target date for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to arrive on the president’s desk for his signature. Although passed by the U.S. House, it is stalled as negotiations continue on a bill to go before the Senate.

Change often happens at a snail’s pace and nowhere is that more true in working to change policies and laws like policing in the United States. But that’s difficult for many to accept in a fast moving world where an item can be ordered from Amazon and delivered four hours later.

There is hope. From Washington,D.C. to Minneapolis and beyond, protesters and activists have called for change in police department policies. Some 3,000 policing-related bills have been introduced in state legislatures. More than 30 states have passed some sort of policing reform.



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